KyBele Virgin Hair Tips To Stop Hair Loss!!!


We at KyBele Hair care about your hair. Which is why we will be talking about a very important issue for women (and men too!) today: Hair loss.

Hair loss is a distressing medical condition as well as an alarming threat to your physical appearance. By better understanding hair basics and the reason for your hair loss, you will be able to take protective measures that will help prevent your hair from falling out.


Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Each hair strand has a base below the skin (which contains the hair’s color pigment or melanin) known as the follicle, the root that grows from the follicle beneath the skin, and the hair shaft itself (which is the visible part of your hair).

It is quite normal for most people to lose 50 to 100 hairs every day. New hair grows out from the same follicle and this replacement makes up for any normal hair loss. However, if you think you are losing more hair than the normal range, you might have a problem. If you are losing enough hair for there to be visible thin patches or bald spots, you could be suffering from the medical condition alopecia. It is, therefore, important to see a doctor and identify the underlying cause of your hair loss.


Hair loss can be caused by a variety of reasons such as:

  1. Illnesses or medical conditions (diabetes, thyroid disease, lupus etc)
  2. Certain medication (drugs taken for acne, bipolar disorder and dieting can cause hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs taken for cancer have a well known hair loss effect)
  3. Alopecia (an autoimmune disease that affects more than 5 million people in the US alone)
  4. Trichotillomania (a psychological disorder)
  5. Hair damage from chemical treatments (straightening, heating etc.)
  6. Scalp tension from hair styles that pull on the hair
  7. Poor nutrition
  8. Stress and Trauma


If you think you are losing a lot of your hair, you should see a doctor right away. While a lot of hair loss conditions are temporary and the hair grows out again, sometimes the loss is inevitable or permanent (as with cancer patients going through chemotherapy). As long as you get an early diagnosis and start taking care of yourself, there is no reason for your hair loss to become a long-term problem. And if you are worried about the stressful physical aspects of hair loss, they can easily be countered with a selection of KyBele’s beautiful and natural-looking extensions.


  1. Try not to keep sew ins longer than 6-8 weeks
  2. Ask you stylist not to braid too tight (if it hurts its too tight)
  3. Wait at least 2 weeks after relaxer before getting a sew in
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Take vitamins
  6. Leave out edges, when applying sew ins (your edges are the weakest part of your hair)
  7. Stay away from too much heat


 Here are some of our KyBele

Check back again for more great hair tips and advice.

7 Easy and Fun Kybele Virgin Hairstyles for the Summer

June is already heating up and the full-on Summer weather is just around the corner. Your natural hair and extensions need extra care in the scorching sun to prevent breakage and drying up.One way you can minimize sun damage is by avoiding the use of excessive hair products and treatments every day. Instead, try to keep your hairstyles simple and product-free whenever you can. Luckily, simple doesn’t have to mean bad. Here are some great easy hairstyles that look good, demand no special treatments and save you time and effort- perfect for the Summer!

Brush your hair back over the ear and tie it up with an elastic of your choice. You can make it look sleek and collected by tightly pulling your hair back into the ponytail. Or you can leave a few strands loose for a softer and more casual look.

Braids never go out of fashion and are easy to make. Just divide your hair into three sections, cross the right section over the middle one, and then cross the left section over the new middle section. Repeat until you reach the end of your hair and then tie it up with your favorite elastic.

Simple, loose curls are easy to create with rollers or a curling iron. Use a texturizer for spray drying and finish off the look with a hair spray for a soft yet fun look.

Who doesn’t like beautiful loose straight hair? Just use an anti-frizz product after washing your hair and then blow dry and spritzyour hair with a good hairspray for long, straight and beautiful locks.

5. BUN
Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez just love a tight bun and for good reason. They are easy to make and keep in place, and look great at all types of occasions. Brush your hair back into a tight ponytail, keeptwisting your hair around the ponytail until it’s completely wrapped around the base of the ponytail and then secure the resulting bun with pins and rubber band.

For a dynamic and lively look, get your stylist to cut your hair into layers. You can always add extensions to the layers for extra volume. Layers don’t require extra maintenance and effortlessly add texture and bounce to your hair.

7. BOB
The Bob is also a summer favorite. Ask your stylist for a bob cut in which, usually, your hair ends above your shoulders. It’s a no hassle, low-maintenance cut that looks great and doesn’t need excessive product. You can also have your hair longer in the front and shorter in the back for the asymmetrical bob, Victoria Beckham style!

Keep checking back for more hair tips and ideas in our Summer hair guide!

5 Super Hot Hairstyles Using Kybele Virgin Hair Extensions

With KyBele’s beautiful and high quality hair extensions, you’ll experience the confidence and freedom you never knew before. Whether your natural hair is too thin or too short for your favorite hairstyles, you can now add hair extensions to get your desired look. Here are 5 great hair styles you can choose from with your brand new extensions!


Coloring some of your own hair involves a certain risk- you might not like the end result or damage your hair through repeat treatments. The best alternative is to dye your hair extensions and let them add the color and personality to your look! And once you’ve experimented enough and found the perfect highlights color for yourself, you can have your hair extensions dyed permanently in that color. That way you can always have your favorite highlights at no expense to your own hair!


Whether you straighten your hair extensions into a sleek finish or curl them up for a snazzy look, they are sure to look great in a ponytail. Because of the length of the extensions, you can pull your hair into any type of ponytail: high, low, side or perky. You can also do the ‘bump’ look by gathering your natural hair at the top if it’s too short to stay in the ponytail holder.  Use a bobby pin to hold your hair in place and apply hairspray to keep it there.


Hair extensions are God sent when it comes to adding body to your hair. You can give volume to your hair by attaching clip-in extensions to the different layers of your hair. Divide your hair into sections at the points where you want to attach a layer. Apply hairspray at the top and use back-combing to hold the extensions better.


Clip-in extensions also allow you to switch between looks depending on the occasion. You can have a wild, funky look for a party and a sleek, formal do for work. You should style your clip-in extensions separately from your real hair. And if you want a vibrant color (whether it’s pink, purple or orange), make sure you get a light blond clip-in and dye it yourself.


The half-up can work whether you curl or straighten your hair. Just have an even part an inch or so higher than the other. Then, pull up the hair at the top securely using a pin or rubber band. By using hair extensions of a darker color below, you will be able to get a pleasing, textured look. A thin layer of hair should fall down to cover the extension clips.

Try out these great hairstyles and let us know which one you liked best!


Washing your Kybele Virgin Hair

Washing your Kybele Virgin Hair!

 We at Kybele Virgin Hair suggest that you wash your hair at least every two weeks to keep your real hair healthy under the extensions and keep your extensions moisturized.

 Things you will need:
Protein Treatment
Deep Conditioner
Braid Spray
Leave in Conditioner
Heat Protectant
Spray Bottle

Step 1 ~ Mix  ½  Shampoo and  ½ Water in Spray Bottle.

Step 2 ~ Use your fingers or Wide tooth comb to run through hair to release all tangles. Then let your hair hang loosely or put in 2 braids and wet it thoroughly in the shower (Braiding Hair decreases the chances of your hair getting tangled while washing).

Step 3 ~ Spray Shampoo/Water mixture on braids and extensions.

Step 4 ~ Massage scalp with fingertips and then smooth hair in downward motion

Step 5 ~ Rinse

Step 6 ~ Mix ½ Protein and ½ Water in spray Bottle.

Step 7 ~ Spray Protein/Water Mix on braids

Step 8 ~ Let sit for recommended minutes

Step 9 ~ Rinse

Step 10 ~ Add ½ Water and ½ Deep Conditioner to Spray Bottle

Step 11 ~ Spray Deep Conditioner/Water Mixture on braids and extensions (Be sure to thoroughly saturate the ends of your extensions with conditioner)

Step 12 ~ Let sit for recommended length of time under dryer

Step 13 ~ Rinse

Step 14 ~ Towel Dry in downward motion (Do not scrunch this may cause tangling)

Step 15 ~ Spray Leave in Conditioner on Braids, Extensions and leave out then apply heat protectant to leave out.

Step 16 ~ Sit under Dryer to Dry Braids

Step 17 ~ After Braids are dry Style as you please!!!

7 Great Kybele Goddess Hair Care Tips

Don’t let Aphrodite fool you- looking like a Goddess is hard work! Whether it’s the blazing hot summers or the chilly winters, you need to protect and care for your natural hair as well as hair extensions to look your best everyday. Nobody wants their hair to look dull, unhealthy, dry, or lifeless. Follow our 7 Kybele Goddess tips to keep your hair and extensions in top notch condition!


Our heads produce oil naturally and your extensions can soak it in over time. This makes them greasy and reduces their fiber. To get rid of the unnecessary oil, wash your extensions with warm water using a clarifying shampoo and rinse them with cold water. However, remember that you are not to comb or brush your extensions while they’re wet because that can cause tearing.


You can curl, straighten and style your extensions. What you should not do is comb from roots to ends because that will cause breakage. 


While it’s important to remove the grease from your extensions, it’s also essential to keep your extensions moisturized or they will look dull and dry. A bit of leave-in conditioner (applied evenly with a wide tooth comb) usually does the trick!


To avoid tangles and matting, use a wig brush or wide tooth comb (preferably one recommended by a professional stylist) to brush out your hair every morning.


Before you lay down to sleep, loosely tie back your hair and put on satin bonnet to avoid tangling your hair while you toss and turn during sleeping. And always put your hair in a braid before working out or it will become a hot, sweaty mess!


Hair extensions are made to fall downwards naturally. Rounding them up in a bun or a knot can get them tangled up real badly.


Whether you’re working on a very hard math problem or just like to play with your hair, try not to pull on or tug your hair as it can not only weaken your hair extensions but also your natural hair.

That’s all for now but we will be doing lots of articles on the best ways to care for your hair and hair extensions so check back often!

Kybele Virgin Hair Tip

Here is a Kybele Tip that will have you looking like you just step out of your favorite Magazine.  The great thing about this tip is that its low maintenance!

1.) First buy a set of these rollers.


(They are available at any beauty supply store, and as you can see they are available in many different sizes)

2.)  Roll your Kybele Virgin Hair up with these rollers and bend the ends so that they stay.

3.)  Then put on your Satin Bonnet and go to sleep.

4.) Take the bonnet off in the morning and Voila … Great Bouncy Curls!!!


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